Week’s Recap

by Julie

This week has been busy: birthday gatherings, good-bye parties for friends moving out of town, and lots of meetings in-between. But somehow coming into the kitchen and preparing a meal from scratch always seems to center me in the midst of the craziness. Here’s some highlights from the week’s meals.

Tuesday: Risotto

(prepping for risotto, one of my favorite dishes to make)

(red onions, leeks, and minced garlic sauteing)

(there's a magical moment during the cooking process when you can see the grains actually open up to the water or broth and release their starchiness)

(mushroom risotto with leeks and basil)

Wednesday: Spring Rolls

(once you've soaked your rice wrapper, you want to have all the ingredients for your filling close by and prepped to avoid the wrapper becoming dry and/or inflexible again)


Thursday: Three-Bean Salad

(i used the leftover roasted red peppers from earlier in the week for brighter colors)

(for me, this dish captures so much of summer on a single plate)

Happy weekend, everyone!