Back-to-Basics: Dehydrated Veggies

by Julie

I’ll admit it: my food dehydrator intimidates me. I know, I know: it’s probably one of the simplest kitchen appliances out there, right behind the crock pot and popcorn maker. After all, the one I have (you can find it here) consists of a single temperature knob, and even has printed temperature settings for different foods right there on the top. Easy.

I know all this, but for reason, I still hesitate. Maybe I have an intuitive distrust of the word “simple.” I think, “Nothing’s really that simple, right?” Over the weekend, however, I decided to pull out the machine and make some crispy veggie chips. My husband  was away in Seattle, and I was having a hard time coming up with ways to finish up a bunch of dino kale our friends had passed along to us before they left for a two-week vacation.

I was in a snacking mood and wanted something crunchy. So I put aside my reservations, cut up the dino kale, and put the leaves on the stacked trays. I adjusted the temperature knob, plugged in the machine, and left it for the next couple hours.

When I returned, I was pleasantly surprised: turns out, it really is that simple.

(the dehydrator i have comes with four stackable trays for easy layering)

(the end product is crunchy, great for snacking or crumbling atop soups or salads)