Week’s Recap: Some Highlights from this Week’s Recipes

by Julie

You’ll forgive my lateness in posting this blog, but because the week was so short for me, I wanted to wait to post until after I’d prepared Friday’s recipe.

By the way, how did Monday and Tuesday’s recipes treat you all? Do share! In the meantime, here are some photos to take you through the weekend.

Wednesday: Butternut Mac ‘n “Cheeze”

As you can see, this dish isn’t very photogenic, but Eric and I both had seconds! Baked, the noodles absorbed the sauce and seasonings really well. I was right: this was the perfect meal after returning from the South. If I did have one complaint, it was that the dish was pretty sauce-heavy.I think, since I will be cooking this dish again, that next time I’ll make the cheese recipe stretch for two packages of noodles.

(we served our noodles with barely-cooked kale)

Thursday: Ultimate Summer Arugula Salad & Pepper-Crusted Tempeh

I’ll be honest: I struggled with this recipe, especially the tempeh (I think, again, I coated them too-heavily with the miso-marinade). Part of the problem is me–I’m not a huge fan of raw tomatoes (I know, I know…I ended up doing half tomato, half red bell pepper). Also, something about this week, but I was extremely pressed for time. It’s moments like these that I’m grateful to approach the kitchen with “a plan,” but I still struggled with the timing nonetheless. The end result, however, looked and tasted stunning. (My favorite? The fresh corn!)

(color says so much for a dish...)

(pepper-crusted tempeh wedges)

Friday: Lemon Garlic (White) Beans & Mushrooms

The original recipe called for fava beans, but since there were none to be found in these parts, I substituted white beans instead. In my humble opinion, it’s okay to experiment/exchange ingredients. Our experience with food and cooking is meant to evolve.

(lemon garlic white beans & shiitake mushrooms, served with steamed potatoes)

I wish you all a wonderful weekend. Look for new recipes for the upcoming week on Monday.