Christmas Day (A Food Photo Essay)

by Julie

(We spent almost the entire day with our friends Scot and Kristin and started out the morning with a hike and birding expedition in a canyon about 35 minutes south of us. It was a windy, frigid day, but we managed to see a series of Western Bluebirds, Bridle Titmice, and a pair of Olive Warblers. We also gathered horehound plant--to the right in the photo--for making this tea.)

(Since Eric and I have both been fighting the tail-end of a rather stubborn cold, Kristin, who studies herbalism, helped us put together a tea to help with congestion: horehound, yerba mansa--in the bottom left of the photo--chamomile, calendula, wild oat.)

(After our hike, the four of us met up at our house to make brunch, which included gluten-free, vegan blueberry pancakes, and a fresh-picked salad of lettuce and radish--pictured in the top photo--from Scot and Kristin's garden.)

(In-between brunch and dinner, we headed outside to play a game of ba-tonk, a sort-of all-terrain version of bocci ball. Of course, it felt good to move around after having just eaten a big meal, but we still had some time to take a pre-dinner nap in the afternoon before tackling one of the night's feature foods: homemade tamales. Pictured here is the prepared masa, "resting" for 30 minutes, and the hojas, soaking in warm water for the same amount of time. A hand-written recipe card, from when I first made tamales.)

(The ingredient list for tamales...times six!)

(We ate around 9:00 at Scot and Kristin's, who live within walking distance from our place. Here's the finished result: tamales filled with Anaheim chiles, bell peppers, tomatoes, habaneros, onions.)

Happy post-holiday!